Essential Keeping

Being a mom should change you. Not erase you.

I’ll be honest; there have been times that I have no longer recognized myself. The work of Motherhood had– and still sometimes does– completely taken over, and I was forgetting what I loved.

I got lost in the grind of motherhood, instead of seeing the joy it offered me.

I couldn’t find time for me, or God, or any of the habits I used to have or the creative outlets that energized me.

All work and no play makes Momma a dull woman. And a sad one. And a cranky one.

We say we would sacrifice everything for our kids, and we do. But in the process, what message do we send them? What message do we send to our little girls that all a wife and mom does is clean and run errands and not have time to stop and enjoy even the little things? What message do we send our boys? That women are meant to be in the home and cook and clean and nothing else? And while we can learn to embrace those necessities of homemaking and still be happy— it’s important for our children to learn that our value isn’t in what we do. It is who we are…

And Whose we are.

I’m on a path to remember who I was and find who I am now– with the improvements of the heart and character that the sanctification that homemaking and motherhood is working in me. I want to be the best version of who I can be to accomplish what God wants from MY life and in the lives of the people that live under this roof with me.

We are essential, fellow momma. YOU are essential.

YOU are worth keeping, just as much as your house. Don’t get lost in your list and your laundry.

Our calling is so much higher than clean clothes.

We are the keeper of His testimonies, in our hearts, and in our homes. 💛

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