Little House/Homesteading Resources

As a part of our summer “Homesteading” school, I created several resources for us to use as a family… and then decided to just go ahead and make them available for anyone who might need/want them!

This is a work-in-progress page, so come back often to see if there are updates!

Little House in the Big Wood

Print Freebie!
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Cursive Freebie!
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Entire downloads
Want the entire PRINT copywork book?
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Want the entire CURSIVE copywork book?
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The Daybook

This Little House Daybook uses The Little House books as inspiration in walking your child/student through developing routines and responsibilities, noticing personal improvement, meal planning, planting, and learning new life skills!

The Beginner Piano book

Do your kiddos love the Little House books? If they have read the stories, they know just how much Pa loved to get out his fiddle and play for his sweet family! This Little House in the Big Woods piano book takes every single song mentioned in the book and arranges them for beginning pianists! The violin reels and other songs are simplified, the music includes beginner finger notation, and hand positions are illustrated, all to help your learner enjoy playing and learning the songs they read about– whether your home is in the Big Woods or not.

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