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December is here and we are gearing up for the holidays with our monthly events! Learn how to get started making sourdough– good for your gut AND your holiday table. Don’t miss our Christmas Lettering class! Lettering is such a great, easy way to make your house festive and comforting!

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When you know better you do better - Treadmill Treats - Medium

Back in 2014, a friend introduced me to a way of natural living that I never had really heard of before. You see, my mom was a nurse. My grandfather was a general physician turned hospital board member. “Natural” ways to prevent and support? Those were things of the past.

I can tell you story after story about these natural products and how they work. How they, experience by experience, researched article by researched article, gradually transitioned me from disbeliever to skeptic to dabbler to “believer.” It started by getting the toxins out of my home and has turned into so many things: a wellness lifestyle for my family… a community of awesome like-minded friends across the country… a major reason why I can concentrate on my other more essential essentials.

If your interested in learning more about supporting your home, joining an awesome tribe, or just wanna click on something to procrastinate from doing laundry a few minutes more, peruse this page. Click on the pics. Drop me a line.

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