believer in Grace by faith. 
wife to my music man.
mom(preneur) of 3 kiddos here, one kiddo There. 
brave learner and home educator.
compassionate intuitive.
imaginative brainstormer.
creative communicator.

Maybe, like me, you get caught up in the non-essentials that suck time and rob joy.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready. I’m ready to learn the art of saying “no” so I can truly thrive in my YES.

These are my YESes: yes to keeping. Yes to learning. Yes to living.

I’m keeping what’s important: my faith and care for my family and myself in the day-to-day. I’m keeping the parts that feed my soul: communication, creativity, comedy, contemplation. I’m keeping positivity and perspective, and releasing what no longer serves me or my family well.

I’m learning bravely– by continuing my personal education while investing in the children God has given me. We are enjoying an eclectic blend of several styles of learning together. I taught in the classroom for 14+ years and see how distracted and distracting the “system” can be for true learning. Teaching my children from home allows me to purge the non-essentials so my children always love learning and intuitively embrace the education in every moment.

I’m saying yes to living naturally. I’ve seen what toxins and harsh chemicals and a blind trust that “they wouldn’t sell it if it was harmful” can do. Over the past 5+ years, my family has purged our cabinets, our pantry, and our “traditional” approach to sick care. We haven’t looked back.

Those are my essentials, and what I want to embrace each and every day.

I fail and get distracted and stressed… because #iamhuman.

But it is always worth returning to the truth– that less really is MORE.